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Is Jadeveon Clowney a Good-for-Nothing Lazy Bum or What?

Jadeveon Clowney

So how much credence do you put into that NFL "personnel" man's slanderous comments about Jadeveon Clowney?

Clowney, of course, is the man/monster defensive end from South Carolina, the guy so many call "freakish" because of his extraordinary blend of size, speed and athleticism.

He is also the projected top overall pick by many draft experts in the upcoming NFL draft. Those who don't project him as the top pick sometimes question his, um work ethic.

The anonymous NFL exec in question said this about Clowney, according to "He's spoiled and he's lazy. He's never worked hard a day in his life, now all of a sudden you're going to give him a bunch of money and expect him to work hard? I don't see it."

The question is: With the NFL draft scheduled for May 8, is this simply a ploy by some team to cause doubt in the minds of those picking higher, so that his team can grab him?

Or is this the considered opinion of a wise man with inside information?

My opinion: I think Clowney is so lazy that if he woke up with nothing to do, he'd go to bed with it only half done.

Now let's go to some hard workers, the best cornerbacks available in the 2014 NFL draft.

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Is Jadeveon Clowney a Good-for-Nothing Lazy Bum or What? originally appeared on Football on Monday, April 14th, 2014 at 13:39:06.

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Super Bowl Rematch! Who Cares if it's Meaningless?

Peyton Manning

Yes, the NFL preseason schedule has been released, to wild applause by NFL fans everywhere. Who goes nuts over a preseason schedule? Only in the NFL.

The most intriguing contests - if I may use that term for meaningless, exhibition games - involves recent Super Bowl champions.

Since the league hasn't released times or specific dates yet, we know the losing Broncos play the winning Seahawks in Denver the weekend of August 7-10. It's win-win for the Seahawks, but everybody knows the Broncos will be putting a ton of effort into this game, the kind of effort you don't normally see in a preseason game.

It would be a psychological blow if the Broncos lose. If the Seahawks lose, they could simply shrug and smirk.

There is another Super Bowl matchup the first week: The losers - San Francisco - play the winners - Baltimore. Of course, the Ravens are only a shadow of their Super Bowl winning team, so this one doesn't come close to the gravitas of the Broncos - Seahawks matchup.

If you're filling in dates with your pencil, here are some specifics: the Hall of Fame game is in Canton on August 3 between Buffalo and the New York Giants.

Also, the first Thursday night game is normally played in the home town of the defending Super Bowl Champs. That is scheduled for September 4. The regular season schedule is due to be released some time this month.

Now for some meaningful NFL stuff. With the draft getting closer and closer, check out my list of the Top 10 NFL draft steals of all time.

- Getty Images

Super Bowl Rematch! Who Cares if it's Meaningless? originally appeared on Football on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 09:41:02.

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NFL Season Starts! Well, Sort Of

NFL workouts

The NFL has a lot of rules, and some of them are pretty stupid. Like the one barring contact between coaches and players in most offseason workouts. I've never understood it.

Teams with new coaches get a head start, so seven NFL teams started their offseason workout problems Monday.

The players go to the weight room or practice field for weight work and conditioning workouts. Coaches aren't permitted. The only time players and coaches can interact is in instructional meetings.

The league and the players union don't want to subject the players to a grueling, year-round schedule. That makes sense.

But, these workouts are voluntary for one thing. For another thing, these guys are getting paid millions of dollars and they already get over three months off. Nice work if you can get it. I don't see contact between players and coaches hurting anybody. I mean, it isn't like these guys have real bosses, like you and I.

What about me? I write about the NFL year-round. How come I don't get a 15-week vacation?

By the way, the two-week head start should also include those teams with new coordinators, not just new head coaches.

And now for bigger stuff. The draft is approaching, and here are my top, college wide receivers for the 2014 NFL draft.

- Getty Images

NFL Season Starts! Well, Sort Of originally appeared on Football on Monday, April 7th, 2014 at 11:30:32.

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DeSean Jackson: Best or Worst Move of the Offseason?

DeSean Jackson

When Washington recently signed DeSean Jackson after Philadelphia released him, Redskins fans seemed to celebrate with lite beer, electronic cigarettes and artificial sweeteners.

In other words, they didn't want to have a real celebration. They didn't want to invest too much joy at their team signing one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL who also has some troubling off-field issues. They wanted some wriggle room - "I told you so" - in case the move implodes.

That's why the Jackson move to the Redskins is such a hot topic these days. Will he tip the balance of power to the 'Skins in the mediocre NFC East?

Eagles coach Chip Kelly seriously wanted to lose this guy. With good reason. Redskins owner Daniel Snyder seriously wanted to grab him. With good reason.

My studied prediction: After the 2014 season ends, Redskins fans will be drinking full-flavor Guinness, smoking Cuban cigars and using real, sweet sugar.

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. The draft is coming up quickly. Here are the best college quarterbacks available, in my most humble opinion.

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DeSean Jackson: Best or Worst Move of the Offseason? originally appeared on Football on Friday, April 4th, 2014 at 09:39:36.

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NFL Combine: Dreams or Delusions?

Tim Tebow

Baseball is usually the province of the impossible star. But, there are always some extraordinary longshots trying to make it into the NFL. Those are the stories I like.

At the NFL Regional Combine in Indianapolis, a few old-timers are trying for one last chance at glory.

Like Alex Bannister, a 34-year-old former Seattle Seahawk. Bannister actually had numbers similar to what he had when he was a special teamer for the Seahawks.

He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.60. In 2001, he clocked 4.47; bear in mind he's 13 years older and 30 pounds heavier.

"I feel young. I feel like I can do it," Bannister told

There is also Jonathan Wilfong, 38, a former linebacker for Shasta Junior College and Mike Long, also 38, a former quarterback for the University of Indianapolis.

Wouldn't you love to see these guys on an NFL roster?

I know, I know, it will never happen.

At least they're trying. Here are some yahoos who could have had it all, but failed miserably. My Top-10 NFL draft busts of all time.

- Getty Images

NFL Combine: Dreams or Delusions? originally appeared on Football on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 at 12:33:42.

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What? Another Night of the NFL on TV?

Mark Cuban

I've always thought Mark Cuban was a blowhard so I rarely pay much attention to what he says or does.

When the Dallas Mavericks owner started spouting off about how the NFL would have an "implosion" in 10 years, I couldn't really fathom why the media ate it up.

It's hardly an original thought, but when a rival professional sports franchise owner says it, it makes news.

In this case, he happens to be right. The NFL is indeed getting too greedy. The league recently announced it will show Thursday night games, partnering with CBS. That means the NFL on Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

The NFL is hugely popular right now. But, the scrap heap is full of enterprises that were once successful only to overextend and over-saturate themselves to the point of failure.

People hunger for the NFL. But, if the league isn't careful, that hunger will turn into yawning boredom if every time fans turn around there's another game on TV.

Just saying.

Back to the real game. Hey, free agency isn't over yet. There is still some real quality on the shelves. Here is my opinion of the best talent still available.

- Getty Images

What? Another Night of the NFL on TV? originally appeared on Football on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at 13:03:56.

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Sanchez Story Shows How Quarterback Position Has Evolved

Mark Sanchez

Most everybody who has been watching the NFL for the last few years would agree that the most devalued position in the NFL is the running back. They're almost interchangeable. Gone are the days when a great running back could carry a team.

I agree. And I also think the second-most devalued position is ... quarterback.

Look at Mark Sanchez. He was the Jets golden boy with dark hair for a few great years, leading them to consecutive conference title games. He was able to do that because he had a lot of help.

But, the Jets never improved their situation, never made the kind of moves Seattle made, to make their overall team better. Without being surrounded by talent, Sanchez showed he was a very mediocre NFL QB.

Look at Russell Wilson of Seattle. A great quarterback? Not by any stretch of the imagination, at this point anyway. He's a Super Bowl-winning quarterback because he is at the epicenter of a deep and talented team.

There are obviously some great quarterbacks now playing - Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers - but others are simply cogs in offensive systems, doing the things a lot of others could do.

I present: Cam Newton, Alex Smith and Nick Foles.

Last week, the Jets released Sanchez, their former No. 1 pick, and signed aging veteran Michael Vick. Except for the color of their skin, the fact one is left-handed, and the fact that one doesn't like dogs, aren't they sort of interchangeable?

Now, the cornerback position has risen dramatically in prestige. Every team has got to have at least one great cover guy. Here's our profile on one of the best, and definitely one of the loudest, Richard Sherman.

- Getty Images

Sanchez Story Shows How Quarterback Position Has Evolved originally appeared on Football on Monday, March 24th, 2014 at 10:27:35.

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Rappers, Insurrections and Free Agent Running Backs

Rapper MIA

Now the NFL in a lawsuit wants $16.6 million from M.I.A., a rapper from Sri Lanka, for giving the middle finger during the halftime show of Super Bowl XLVI.

In my mind, there is only one big legal question here.

A rapper from Sri Lanka?

Or: Sri Lanka has a rapper?

I did some research on Sri Lanka and found it was not a suburb of Bombay, as I originally believed.

Here's what else I found. They love to insurrect in Sri Lanka. They're always having insurrections over there. It's sort of the national hobby.

They passed Kenya in 1995 as the chief exporter of tea. Kenya exports tea? Yes. Sri Lanka makes clothes for Victoria's Secret. They have a holiday every other day, usually involving Buddha and/or the moon.

I can't find anything about rappers, so I believe this whole thing is either a hoax or a hallucination. Rapper from Sri Lanka indeed!

Blame it on the NFL offseason.

In a related story, here is my list of the best running backs still available in the NFL free agent market.

- Getty Images

Rappers, Insurrections and Free Agent Running Backs originally appeared on Football on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 at 14:20:21.

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An Unethical Agent? No Way!

Emmanuel Sanders

For some reason, I've always liked the term "tempest in a teapot." That's what this business is involving Emmanuel Sanders' agent, Steve Weinberg.

For those of you who follow this sort of thing, you'll remember Weinberg isn't exactly an ethics model for our times. The NFL Players Association yanked his certification more than a decade ago because of various infractions.

Then he was involved in a messy affair with his former business partner that involved moving money into an offshore trust. That, in turn, led to further NFLPA charges he, Weinberg, left his NFL clients open to having their wages garnished to repay his former associate.

To make a long story short, who would trust this guy? Apparently, the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Bucs did, as well as the San Francisco 49ers to a lesser degree.

It seems Weinberg accepted an offer on behalf of his client from the Chiefs. Then he shopped that offer to the Bucs without the Chiefs' - or the Bucs' - knowledge.

He then accepted - officially and in writing - an offer from Denver. So he told the 49ers, who were expecting a shot at Samuels, to get lost.

All the losing bidders are in a huff.

Hard to believe that in this day and age, and with the ridiculous amounts of money changing hands in the NFL, teams are assuming a deal is a deal without getting it on paper.

This was a lowlight in the ongoing free agency deals. This year, the free agent crop was deep in cornerbacks. The top ones are gone, but there is still talent left. Here are my picks of the best of the leftovers.

-  Getty Images

An Unethical Agent? No Way! originally appeared on Football on Monday, March 17th, 2014 at 14:29:09.

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Why Are NFL Quarterbacks in Florida So Lousy?

Dan Marino

If you took all the college quarterbacks in Florida right now and swapped them with all the pro quarterbacks in Florida, you'd be coming out way ahead in the pros.

What has happened to all the great NFL quarterbacks in Florida? Remember Dan Marino? Bob Griese? Earl Morrall?

How about even Steve DeBerg, Vinny Testaverde or Doug Williams? Holy mackerel, I'll take Mark Brunell!

I don't know why the non-Miami Dolphin NFL franchises in Florida are always coming up with such duds at quarterback.

Tampa Bay signs career backup Josh McCown and he's immediately named the starter, like he's a savior or something.

Remember when Steve Young left a mediocre career in Tampa Bay and blossomed into a legend in San Francisco?

Doug Williams leaves Tampa Bay and wins a Super Bowl MVP with Washington.

What gives?

Is it the humidity? Coaching? Sun stroke? The fact we have no income tax? Too many Republicans?

I have no idea. Do you?

Back to the present: No great quarterbacks in this year's free agency crowd, but there are still some great bargains among defensive linemen.

- Getty Images

Why Are NFL Quarterbacks in Florida So Lousy? originally appeared on Football on Thursday, March 13th, 2014 at 14:29:18.

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